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  • website
  • animated flip book
  • ecommerce
  • blog
  • web application
  • mobile application
  • social media presence
  • analytics
  • search engine optimisation
  • sms text campaign


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Fairtrade Australia &
New Zealand

Facebook, Web Banners, Email Newsletters

Fairtrade Australia & New Zealand run various campaigns throughout the year which involve a mixture of print and interactive collateral. The Choose Fair campaign heavily involved social media via Facebook.

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GlassArts Design

Web Design & Development

This site is proof that a website can be effective no matter the budget. With daily enquiries from genuine customers and a page 1 ranking on Google, Ian from GlassArts is a very happy camper!

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Auckland Pride Festival

Web Design, Development, Facebook & Twitter

The newly formed trust was looking to inform the local LGBT community of the inaugural Auckland Pride Festival. Created in three phases the website was informative yet visually exciting. The events calendar was built with the end user in mind, allowing the information to be viewed in several different ways. The entire site was built with content management rendering every aspect as editable by the client.

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Retina Specialists

Web Design & Development

We were asked to give the Retina Specialists website a revamp and to include even more important information on the site whilst not inhabiting the user experience. The end result is a clean, easy to navigate yet informative website which both the client and SMP are proud of.

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Macular Degeneration
New Zealand

Website Development

A key focus of Macular Degeneration New Zealand (MDNZ) is to increase awareness and education of this eye disease. Awareness Week 2013 saw the launch of a new website to support these communications. Phase two is in development, and a more robust website, with further detail and helpful information, is due soon.

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Microsite Development

With over 50,000 random codes & hundreds of prizes, a complex yet strongly visual microsite was required! So that's what we developed. The end result? A hugely successful campaign with both happy clients & happy winning customers!

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